Did you have Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot?? Run Spot Run.

Ol' Dick and Jane did a lot of 'see' others run, run. See Sally run, run. See Spot run.
Did you have a Dick and Jane Reader?

Did you have a Dick and Jane Reader?
Sure did

Wrote something about it not long ago;

Remember Dick and Jane books?
Wonder how they'd read today....

Where's spot?

He's dead


Heeee's DEAD!

Can't hear a dang thing you said
gotta plug this doggone thing into my ear

OK, now what did you say?

He's outside

See Spot run

Can't see a darn thing

What's fer dinner?
....and who are you?
Where's Sally?
I didn't have any, but my 1st-grade classroom did. I could read very well by 1st grade, but I really liked the illustrations.

I learned to read early because my mom read to me every day, and she always ran her finger under the words as she read. Probly one of the reasons I followed along so well was because her fingernail polish was so pretty.

Also, my grampa let me sit on his lap while he read the newspaper every morning and he'd point at words he was sure I didn't know, sound them out for me, and then tell me what they meant.