Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds

A little over a yr ago my dr informed me that I was headed for diabetes. I guess they are looking at prevention now so, instead of blood sugar tests they are now doing A1C tests. An A1C (as explained to me by my dr) is like a 3 mo outlook on your blood sugar. Sort of a predictor of what's to come. So, between that and my anxiety, I went on a diet and switched to decaf. Plus started an exercise regimen. I was doing ok for a while but, I keep getting infections because of my asthma and COPD and each time I get sick I can't really work out because I can't breathe. This has put a kibosh on my weight loss as diet alone is not enough. There are certain things I can't eat due to dentures which has further wrecked my progress. So, I began this little segment on FB as way to sort of document my struggle. Plus, I add in other moments that amuse or irritate.

Anywho, with all this covid19 hoarding that's begun, getting the foods I need is a bit of a problem especially now with bare shelves at the stores. Not sure what will happen with all this. I decided I could probably get by with one meal a day if I had to and just drink water in between. Maybe this whole situation will take care of the weight loss for me whether I want it to or not. We'll see.

I've been dabbling in writing since I can't go out and do anything. I've always wanted to write but, I'm not sure I have what it takes. I recently got a free blog site I'm tinkering on. We'll see what happens. If anyone here is a vampire fan and happens to be interested, I can leave a link if it's ok with the admins. I've always kinda liked vampire stuff. I was watching a series on Vudu called Blood Ties. Pretty interesting.
There's other things I'd like to pursue but, I tend to get so much on my plate I don't leave myself time to have free time and take proper care of myself. Too many things I wanna do and try.

I'm a coffee lover. I drink the stuff year round. My friends think I'm nuts. LOL! My father is the same way. We used to be afraid to talk to him as kids until he had his first cup of coffee down him and his glasses on. One day after my 2nd divorce when I had no choice but to return home, my dad's boss called. He wanted dad to come in and work because someone had called in. I was on my way out to work. I told him dad was asleep and there wasn't a chance in hell I was waking him. He pleaded and I told him I would do it on my way out. So I got all my stuff together, knocked on the door and when dad woke a little I said "you're boss called and wants you to call him back. bye." And I got the heck outta there. LOL! I can't have intelligible conversations with people until I'm actually awake which requires some coffee.

I love animals. I used to feed stray cats but that always became problematic. I love cats. I love animals in general. But, after moving here and discovering the squirrels enjoy eating black oil sunflower seeds, they became a new interest for me.

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Good morning peeps. Had to do a breathing treatment so, I decided on coffee while I was at it. Also looking at online newspapers. It's a little foggy outside.

Got a little bit of sleep. Not sure how much longer KS is going to be under the gun with this covid19 stuff. Some people aren't doing a very good job of self isolating. So far we've had 66 cases and 2 deaths but, I believe the numbers went up yesterday. I will likely know more later. I don't know about all of you but, I'm finding some of the story headlines a bit surreal. Like my eyes are seeing them but, my brain is saying "nuh uh!" Some things more shocking than before. America is once again left to watch and wait. To see if we'll survive and how many will be left. Due to health issues and age, it is highly unlikely that I will survive if I contract this thing. Too bad we can't self quarantine from work if we are at risk but, they won't pay us. If I get sick, I'm praying I get to live another day to harass you wonderful people.

Anyway, I have dishes to wash and some clothes to hand wash. Other than that, I will be resting and working on my writing project. That alone has been keeping me busy and helping me to worry less. Perhaps that's a good thing.

Later Taters!
I just had a flash of a memory from when I was young.
Me and the neighbor girl would get together to play on weekends and we would attempt to dress her cat.
Then she would bring out a sleeve of crackers and we'd get a mouthful and try to whistle. That was funny to us.

Well the dr must have been too busy to tend to my request for a not so I can stay home and get better. I'll have to call him again tomorrow. Light a fire I guess. Goodnight unless I can't sleep.

I did find out they have me covered for the next 2 days at work. Hopefully I can get that note faxed over tomorrow and relax till Mon.

I was given permission to protect myself by wearing a mask at work since I'm high risk and they better not say one word to me. I'm in no mood to be toyed with.
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Carbs are bad, very bad for me. I can tolerate a little sugar, lol, if only I could eat just a little sugar. I can only walk to exercise. If I could walk 10,000 steps a day, my A1C would be decent or at least under 8. But, as you said, some days other issues get in the way.
I bet I clear 10,000 a day just at work. LOL
I'm still fat. ~Shrugs~ Right now I'm more worried about getting well.


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I’m fat. The walking is to burn off the sugar not to lose weight. IMO, try and find out if carbs or sugar cause you the most problem. I was pre-diabetic for years before I lost the battle. Type II. Plenty of skinny people are diabetic. Wish I could work, but wishes don‘t work. LOL.
Waiting for my meds to kick in. Listening to the soft jazz I posted in the what are you listening to thread. Remembering when I was little and my folks would take me and my brother down to the Burger Shack on Main. Charlie and Fern were the couple who ran the joint. Fun and nice. Charlie always gave us kids a candy bar and spoiled our dinner. Used to make my mom so mad.

Then there was Tony. This guy with this huge afro. For some reason as a child, him and his hair would scare me to death and make me cry. Folks would take us to the small park to swing and they had 2 water fountains that lit up at night.

Every day me and Rusty (class mate) would have those ring pops from the 5 and 10 as mother would call it. We'd walk home sucking on those and pretend we were married. I always loved that boy because he was never mean to me and always willing to come play. Then when I was 13 he moved away. It broke my heart for the longest time. Never heard from him again. I think about him sometimes. Wonder how he is.

His parents ran the bowling alley back then. Lived just down the street from us. Rusty and I would ride to school with dad in the Bell telephone truck and walk home from school. Played operation and every time we hit the buzzer I'd get scared and cry. Hope that's not why he moved away. LOL

Alright, meds are hitting me hard. Goodnight!
I'm on lockdown till next Tuesday.

Not because I have the virus.
I'm just down with a sickness.
I'd rather be breathing & working but, life is the pits sometimes. Forgive my morbid sense of humor but, I couldn't resist this:

The doc faxed a note over to work so I could stay home and rest because I'm sicker than a dog right now. Upper respiratory infection. No fever - No virus. Just my usual for this time of year. But, with my occupation and everything that's going on with this virus stuff I didn't wanna chance working. I have never had an Earned Illness Bank before but, I guess since I have to be off sick for more than 3 days, I had to file with the Hartford for med leave. FMLA (family medical leave act or something) so I still get pd. just not with earned time off (ETO). So I had to call and open a claim. First time I've ever had to do that. Give them your employee number and doc info and they file it away and I think my boss said it takes a while. Had to authorize over the phone to give them access to med files so they could put that info into their computers. Then I had to open an acct on their "portal." Everybody has a portal now. So, I'm gonna be taking it easy for the week. Eating some lunch now. Watched an episode of Detective on Vudu. (free movies & tv or you can buy or rent) Gonna take some more meds and nap pretty soon.
I made some changes to my blog so if anyone is interested, you can find a link in my profile in the about section. I love to write. I used to do poetry but, now I just sit and listen to music and write whatever is on my heart or in my head. I'd share my poetry with you but, I can't find it. I had a binder I kept it in and I've misplaced it. Or hidden it from myself as I always say. I might have a couple of published ones on hand so, I'll dig those out tomorrow for you. I'm about ready to try to sleep. Hope I make it through the night. It's been so sporadic.
Morning. Wish I could sleep more than a couple hrs. at a time. I promised you poetry today but, not right now. Now I am trying to talk my brain into participating in whatever state this is that I am in. Asleep...not asleep...who knows?
Finally got to sleep & the city sent someone to smooth the mud in the alley beside the house so that the trash truck won't get stuck Friday. I could've gotten a few hrs. in if that joker wouldn't have woke me. How crummy is that?

Anyway...on to the poetry. I'll post it shortly.

In the Darkness

In the heart of the night
As I turn out the light
I suffer in silence
In a world without sight
Where only my mind can take flight
Somewhere there is a light
Buried deep within the night
Tears rock me to sleep
As visions of you come to my minds sight
In hopes that someday my life will once again be bright.

Copyright 1998
From: Captured Moments
International Library of Poetry

Road of Life

A smile curls at the corner of her vintage lips
A cigarette cradled in her fingertips
Her soft blue eyes tell a stormy tale
As they hide behind a bitter veil
Her body tired and growing frail
Underneath her silky skin so pale
Time has begun to take its toll
On her heart as well as her soul
Each year passes in the same boring fashion
As her spirit travels the trail of passion
Her mind making its daily journey to the past
Oblivious to the future that is so vast
Someday all her things will have a place
Be unpacked and nestled in their own space
She will have a home to call her own
And all the love she deserves to be shown
Tucked gently in the arms of love
With the heart of another that fits hers like a glove.

Copyright 2000
From: America At The Millennium
International Library of Poetry