Do you own a Flip Phone?


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We too, still have a flip phone and pay from $10 - $35 per quarter for minutes (depending on what phone cards are available). I use it so rarely, we always have plenty of minutes! It is for MY convenience and only have it on if traveling or planning to meet someone. (we DO have a Garmin GPS for the car) We cannot afford one of those smarty-phones :) We still have a land line with a message machine. Works for us!


We still have the good ole' landline & a small cheap flip phone for emergencies. Can't understand all this madness about smartphones with people complaining all the time about their bills, their phones being stolen, the batteries wouldn't charge. Seems they have to keep buying more & more of these phones. Out landline always work & it's never outdated. Anyway, I don't need 10,000 apps. Seems everyone & their dog is downloading those apps. Life is too short, me thinks. Have a real conversation with a real person instead of an electronic device. Right of wrong, that is how I feel. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid).


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Me too. I have a flip phone - although Verizon tells me that at the end of 2020, it will no longer be supported. Guess I should look into getting an old-fashioned land line again. :cool:

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Packerjohn: KISS- yep gott'a start using that little ditty

Having a camera in your pocket is desirable, the other apps, what for?
Yea. gott'a get the newest smart phone, pay big bucks; I've had it for 6 months... wait! wait! a newer version with new apps is now on market, gott'a get that baby-horse feathers.
Yes, I have a flip phone, very inexpensive and I only use it
for emergencies. I have a real problem with cell phones -
can never hear the person on the other end; this is a real problem
as most of my family don't have land lines anymore.


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Yes,I have a AT&T'pay as you go' flip phone, had it for couple of yrs take it with me everywhere,use it also for emergencies
I still have my landline for security reasons
I can't get excited about getting a different phone with all the 'bells&whistles',apps
No, got rid of it when I gave away the typewriter. I'm a wanna be techo geek and love all the new gadgets. My current smart phone streams to my hearing aids using blue tooth technology. I can answer a call by just pressing a button on my HA. I can also stream Serius XM satellite radio to them and also got the TV box so I can hear the broadcasts through them without having to read captions on the screen.

The newest technology is one of the few things I like about the 21st century. My Subaru is also loaded with new technology. Proximity alert, lane departure, rear view camera and the most intelligent cruise control I could imagine. I think it helps me be a better driver.


Not anymore, but my first cell phone was a flip phone, and I really liked it at the time. ... but texting was such a challenge :giggle:


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I had a flip phone, about a hundred years ago. Can't really understand why anyone wouldn't want the latest bells and whistles, except where privacy issues are concerned. My smart phone makes everything very easy, for business and pleasure operations, but one does sell one's soul to Google, if one wants to use all of the features. I pay $65/mo.


We have the landline with a message machine, but we do each have cheap flip phones that are used just for emergencies & do become quite handy for that. But as far as using it all the time, that will never happen. I'm too old school and is much more comfortable for me this way.


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I have a flip phone that lives in my sock drawer unused. It was replaced by a version with a keyboard that makes texting easier. This one is activated but seldom used.


I go shopping for groceries every Monday. What I find annoying is all those women (yes, it is women in grocery stores) standing around, looking at their phones & getting in my way. I get into the store, do all my shopping without any phone & I am out of there. What I leave behind is all those women still standing there starring at their phones. What are they doing? Comparing the price of Corn Flakes with other grocery stores. They certainly don't seem to have a simple life. They should go home & stare at their phones & let me pass to get my shopping done ASAP.


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I have a military grade flip phone and I love it...It will take a beating and even work under water...But I also have a I-Phone...Each has it's pro's and con's and serves a particular purpose for me.