Do You Still Have Goals and Aspirations?


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Are there still things you aspire to do at your age? Are there still goals you wish to attain? I aspire to record and release more music and I have a particular financial goal I hope to attain by the end of next year.


Absolutely . I plan on decluttering this entire house and get rid of half the stuff so somebody else doesn’t have to do it for us when we go. I plan on gathering all our pictures and things to save for our other younger family members on my husbands side. I plan to record some of my own music with saxophone, keyboards and vocals for my own fun & satisfaction. I also plan on getting far more fit than I currently am.


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I'm still searching for that perfect retirement house. We've been on this quest for more than a year without any luck. After the holidays we will start renovating our current home.
I, too have been in the process of downsizing "stuff". Why does it seem that we spend the first 30 years of adulthood collecting things and spend the next 30 years disposing of it?
I'm still on a weight loss journey, more for improved health than for looks. Staying clothed in something that fits and suits the occasion has been a challenge. I'm trying not to buy too much as I transition to a smaller size. Goodwill got most of my wardrobe.
I hope to travel after retirerment, too.


I guess I've already achieved my goals, although admittedly they probably weren't all that lofty. We've been happily married for 50 years, we're fairly healthy, travel the world, have successful "kids," six wonderful grandchildren and a comfortable home. I don't need more. I have it all.


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My goal is to lose those 10 lbs and keep them off, do bodybuilding and get buff, and die the best looking corpse for my age at the time. 💋

And, on the serious side, I want to outlive my fur babies so they won't be orphans and have to be re-homed. Once the last one is gone I will gladly go. Love my babies! 😻


My goal is to have my own online alternative health page featuring everything from yoga/tai chi /cooking/ diet/ shopping/ decorating/ tranquility/ meditation and just plain mindful living. I think this could help a lot of people now that medicine, as we once knew it, is disappearing leaving so many feeling helpless.

You bet I still have goals and dreams.


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I have many goals and aspirations, although they are not very lofty ones. I just wrote some of them down on an index card about an hour ago. I hope to have most of this list all finished within a week.

1. Do senior knee exercises with that cute young Australian guy on Youtube. Each of his videos are only 12 - 15 minutes long so no excuse for me sitting on my behind watching him and not getting up and doing the exercises with him.

2. Transfer all the photos off my computers on to my external hard drive.

3. Wrap and mail my grand-daughter's Christmas gifts to her. She lives out of the country to I don't just give her a card with $ in it like I do the other grand and great grand kids.

4. Go online and pay the property tax! It's due Dec 10th.

5. Neaten up my front porch, which I call my outdoor living room. Its where we hang out with our cats and dogs.

6. Take photos of some of the items I want to get rid of and post them on local Facebook for sale groups, craigslist, etsy and ebay. What doesn't sell within a month I'll take to a thrift store.

7. Finish the 3 inch X 3 inch painting I started a month ago because I knew a small painting would be faster to finish than a large one.

8. Print off a few more family photos and frame them for the living room shelves.

9. Sort and declutter my dresser drawers and closet.
Even though I have had a lifetime of numerous health challenges, and always been on the frail side, starting at birth till now, had two doctors tell me in my 20's that I had the body health of a 60 year old and I wouldn't live past 40 (I obviously did) goal is to live to 93. Longevity is in my genetics.
Almost all relatives on both sides have lived into their mid/late 90's. A few who abused their health with tobacco/wood smoke, alcohol, poor diet etc. died younger.
So I am still going to believe I can make it to my 90's too! (the aunt I was named after lived to 99)
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Are there still things you aspire to do at your age? Are there still goals you wish to attain? I aspire to record and release more music and I have a particular financial goal I hope to attain by the end of next year.
Yes, I started writing a book. Yes, a book. Even if it starts out small, I have printed it out and edited it, where I want some things to go. I have a few short (3 paragraph) chapters in it and am just wanting to see if I can write a small book. Even if it is just a small one. Who knows.