Don't come crying to me and other sayings from our parents.


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When told I couldn't do something and responded that such-or-such-friend was allowed, the come back would be "If so-and-so can jump off a bridge, will you?" What that meant was end of discussion.

My favorite athlete in the history of ever is Dak Prescott...not only an incredibly talented quarterback, but is intelligent far beyond football knowledge, a charismatic leader, caring (know lots of people who know him from MS State days), charitable, has a work ethic at the level of Tom Brady's, a thankful patriot... He grew up with two older brothers and football (US) was the favorite sport for kids in his neighborhood. He often played with his older brothers and friends so was the youngest of the group. He came crying to his mother after a rough hit and she told him "If you can't run with the big dogs, don't get off the porch." He developed grit from that. It's a great saying and one kids today need to hear more often instead of the coddling so many get instead.
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