Faux Fireplaces and Wood Stoves.


California, USA
I read mixed reviews on these. Some people say they go out in a year or two. I owned a house with a fireplace and never used it. They scare me actually.

I know the actual fire part is just ambience and they are essentially a heater which blows out of the units. But it would be my alternative as I don't have and never would use the real thing.

Speaking of ambience, I searched the TV for the "Yule Log" on Christmas Eve and didn't find it. I usually have it on for a time..


I have a faux fireplace in my living room and a faux wood burning stove in my dining room. I use the one in the living room so I can keep my gas heat turned down a little in the winter. The one in the dining room came in handy a couple of years ago when my gas furnace quit and needed a new part.

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We have real fireplaces up and down, our upstairs is gas, the one downstairs is still wood, but we plan on converting it to gas sometime this year or early next year.

I've seen some really wonderful faux fireplaces that look real and cast a lot of heat. I don't know how reliable they are (as in built to last), but some sure do look pretty.

Don M.

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central Missouri
We had a wood fireplace when we lived in the city. It was nice, but a bit of a mess when cleaning the ashes. A pellet stove "insert" would be a better option, IMO. Now, living in the country, with a huge forest, we have an outdoor wood furnace which cuts our winter heating bills by half or more, and all the mess stays outdoors.
I'd love to have one of those faux fireplaces instead of the pellet stove insert we have (the insert is a lot of work, you have to constantly clean the darn glass door of it, almost as much dust as a regular fireplace, etc.). Unfortunately, I've heard that only the gas faux fireplaces really put out enough heat to make it worthwhile and we're only electric or "bottled" gas in our area and the "bottled" gas is even more expensive to use than electric.


California, USA
Thanks for your replies everyone. I don't think anything heats like real wood as long as you have the wood stove or insert. But it's not practical for me. I appreciate hearing other's experiences and perspectives.

When I moved into that house, it had ashes in the fireplace so I know it worked. I shoveled, swept, then vacuumed it out and never used it.

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The main reason we didnt just burn this place down was the fireplace and chimney


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