FDA targets illegally marketed dietary supplements


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"(CNN)The US Food and Drug Administration is taking new action againstdietary supplements, sending warning letters to companies who claim, without proof, that their products can prevent or treat Alzheimer's, diabetes and cancer"....

"Roughly three-quarters of American consumers regularly take dietary supplements -- including 4 out of 5 older adults, Gottlieb said. The industry has swelled with tens of thousands of products collectively worth more than $40 billion, he added."

"The Alzheimer's Association says there is a "growing number" of alternative treatments, including dietary supplements, that are "promoted as memory enhancers or treatments to delay or prevent Alzheimer's disease and other dementias." The organization says there "legitimate concerns" when patients use these products instead of or alongside doctor-prescribed treatments -- citing unknown purity, questionable safety and efficacy, and possible drug interactions."


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Too bad the FDA doesn't clean up their own toxins, like approving all the toxic sprays our foods get hit with and of course approving so many toxic drugs that just leads to more toxic drug use to clean up hopefully damage from the first. All the toxic pharma drugs are the causes of so much grief for people and their health, and I believe advancing alzheimers.

Drugs causing more memory issues are benzos, sleep aids, A/D drugs, benedryl..all FDA approved.