Finding a new and perhaps permanent interest...


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Have you found a new hobby or interest in these trying times that you may not otherwise have got into?
Being a sports fan I am watching Taiwanese baseball on twitter or Korean baseball on you tube every morning...never dreamt I would be doing that....


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My outdoor light. The motion sensor suddenly stopped working. I've spent days hauling out the ladder investigating and trying different things. I have one more thing to try, if that doesn't solve the issue, then time for a new light. Yes I've tried resetting, cleaning it, adjusting the settings, all that crap. It's been a good light these many years and is still in good condition, but nothing lasts forever.


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Reading about Civil War Generals, Quantum Mechanics, philosophy, parapsychology, The Klondike Gold rush; Stuff beyond my normal art books and It's fascinating! Suddenly, I have all the time in the world so I'm understanding new viewpoints beyond my own little "diggins".
There's a whole world of different interests out there. Who knew?


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Yes.In our local paper,Buffalo News there is a daily word game{ex Sun},each day its a different word,you have to come up with so many words.I started this game on April 6th,become addicted.Some days I do better then others e.g. Sat's was 'fourscore' had to find 47,I got 26 right.Mon was 'lustrous' got 17/18.My next door neighbor,Pat gives me her paper when she's done{I buy paper on the weekend}.It keeps my brain sharp

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Is the image editing site like that asp3 talked about on another thread? I tried that but i couldn’t get it to do much. How does the one you are using work ? Thanks
The same thing happened to me CinnamonSugar. I submitted a photo and picked something they suggested and it came back looking almost unrecognizable. In the thread you were talking about the petals of the flower surrounded the face. We probably need to post a thread on the computer part of the forum for more help.


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my apartment
I've got 2 working right now. We'll see what happens. I had one in the thread that mixed the tower of pisa and an indoor hall of sorts. Didn't look too bad after.