Glad I found this forum.


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Hello, my name is Tweety. I chose that name because that's what they called me when I was a child. I had very blonde hair and chubby cheeks, lol
I am in my mid fifties and new to all the senior stuff. I hope to meet new friends on here as well as getting advice at times to overcome some of lifes challenges.
I have three children and one grandchild.
I work full time and also enjoy crafts and decorating cakes. I tried to start my own cakes business but that didn't work. People want really big beautiful cakes and want to pay walmart prices. They don't realize how much time goes into making and creating the cakes.

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Hello Tweety. Funny how those nicknames take on a life of there own. How did you find the Senior Forum? I found it accidentally very recently. Wish I had known about it years ago. It's so much friendlier here than Facebook!!! It's real words, not pictures, from very wise people. And there are no ads here!!!