Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day, Good Night, Etc. #4


R.I.P. With Us In Spirit Only
Good morning all,

I've just come off Ruth's 'Ice Cream' thread, checked my freezer and discovered I've only got about 2 spoonfuls of my wonderful Kelly's Cornish Dairy Vanilla ice cream left...... I've now descended into panic šŸ˜° ....what to do, delivery slots at supermarkets are as rare as hens teeth, non of us here want to risk going/queueing at supermarkets?
I've got two tubs of other brands of ice cream, will they pacify me, will I manage to last out until this virus has beggared off, will I resort to stealing other people's 'Kelly's'.......I'm panicking again šŸ˜°.......I've got my left hand tugging at the freezer door trying to open it, while my right hand is pushing hard to keep the door shut to preserve my precious ice cream......will I go mad.........correction.........will I go more looney than I am already......more panic šŸ˜°

Enjoy your day folks, and if any of you have any Kelly' me some. šŸ˜Š

Ken N Tx