Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night #3


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Good morning all,

That nasty 'Dennis the Menace' storm is starting to make his presence felt. He's chucking buckets of water at us from all directions ..... I wonder if we will then have our own little lake, perhaps we may have some ducks too, I'll keep you posted.😊

I've just hung one of those fat ball out of the transome window on a string for Mr and Mrs Robin, and right away Gertie spotted it and came to investigate, she's chomping on it now......
Eh up, she's using the fat to write on the window..........what is she looks like............"Where's my marmalade toast, bugger-lugs?" 😊

If Dennis is visiting you, stay indoors, stay warm and safe, if you want, eat chocolate......well Aunt Bea will be OK, she's bought a ton of the stuff. 😊

I think I'll watch the telly, have a nice day friends. 😊