Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night #3


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Mornin' all from my home to yours...on yet another glorious Sunny Morning of Spring.....

We're all on a mores serious lockdown as from today with nothing open but supermarkets for essential goods. post offices , and pharmacies, but our parks are still allowed to be open as long as we practice social distancing and no more than 2 people allowed to be together from the same house when outside(except families who live together).. and we're still permitted to go to work or go out and take on version of exercise a day ( running, walking, or cycling)>.. so today I may take my short hour exercise around the village well away from other people and take some more pics.. if I can..

Have a super day folks.. stay isolated as much as possible,..practice, safe distancing , and stay well


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Good morning all,


Isn't it amazing how, in dreams, the impossible seems like normal, well for me it seems that way.
Pour yourself a cup of tea and listen to my ladies, it's not smutty... 😊

With the world in the grip of this awful coronavirus, I (in my dream) decided to develop goggles with special lenses that allow the wearer to see corona germs floating about in the air. Then I also developed a pull-truck, with a tank full of 'Superplonkerbonkercoronakiller' (SPBCK for short) liquid, that could be used to spray the corona nasties and kill them, never to creep up people's conks ever again. 😊

The goggles were a huge success, factories in all countries mass produced them, but the pull-trucks with the SPBCK liquid proved a bit of a problem, the reason being that they weighed 2 ton each. 😊
Nevertheless, in the dream, folk were hauling these SPBCK pull-trucks behind them, pausing to scan around themselves with the special goggles, and, if a passing human appeared to have corona nasties on them then they were given a good blast of SPBCK, and often enough, the passing human returned the gesture. 😊

The Senior Forum'ers formed their own army, some of the battalions were led by General's Wrennie, Vega-Lyra, Ruth and Aunt Bea.
These stout hearted ladies terrorised the infecting Coronavirus colonies with their relentless spraying of SPBCK.

Gen' Wrennie, seeing a naked, swarthy bloke covered with C'nasties, blasted him (full pressure) right up his backside. 😊

Gen' Vega-Lyra, taking no chances or prisoners, gave every passer by a good ear-hole wash. 😊

Generals Ruth and Aunt bea played a sort of tennis by using their spray lances at full pressure to lob humans back and forth, until they got tired, and then just sat on a bench and gave everybody passing a good wash.... 😊

Strange how we all wake up from dreams, just as things are getting interesting....😊

Enjoy you day folks. 😊
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