Gun fire in the neighborhood!!!!

Don M.

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central Missouri
We hear gunshots every few days...usually on weekends, as someone in the area is doing some target shooting. As hunting season nears, there is usually an increase a couple of weeks before the season starts...then once deer season starts, there are no shots unless someone takes a deer. I used to do some hunting, but anymore I just take my guns out a couple times a year, put a few rounds through them, then clean and oil them before they go back in the safe.


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Can't fire a gun where I live, but there's a lot of fireworks being shot off this past week. The park where I walk the dog has a firing range area, so I hear lots of shots going off in the distance there every day. When we were just out camping, we heard a lot of distant shots, wasn't hunting season yet, just target practice. My husband shot off quite a few rounds of his own.
I rarely hear guns. Maybe a few during hunting season. And maybe, some doing target practice, but very rarely. Personally, it is a wish to own a real Civil War musket.
Fireworks is another story. We shoot off fireworks to celebrate the milestones in our nation, such as any "holiday", or any Saturday night. Fridays are reserved for only the most solemn of celebrations, such as a change in wind direction, or if someone still has ten fingers.