Hanna - Barbara Cartoon Characters


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How many watched these cartoons as a kid? I got these figurines one Christmas. Missing a few, though. They came glued in a cardboard display box, but since I wanted to play with them, I took them out. Probably ruined the value as a collectible doing that.

cartoon characters1a.jpgcartoon characters2a.jpgcartoon characters3a.jpgcartoon characters4a.jpgcartoon characters5a.jpg


Probably ruined the value as a collectible doing that.
SO WHAT! What's more important?

A crappy set of 60's figures you will never sell as a collectable, or-
A little girl using them for what they were intended for- happy playtime???

Honestly Deb, re-think your priorities here. Donate them to a child hasn't got much to play with, maybe?


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Sure, I used to watch them as 1 kid. Huckleberry Hound was my favorite, with others being Top Cat and Yogi Bear. I was never really into the Flintstones, though my family used to watch every day at lunch.


How were you to know about collectibles way back then, deb? My sister & I used to take the baseball cards with all the big stars of the '50's and prior and fold them and fly them like airplanes. I'd be a millionaire right now if I had them mint. So would we all.


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I enjoyed this thread comments, giving reminders of all of them... I liked the Jetson's and the Flintstones

Yes, Dino's greeting for Fred seemed so very hilarious.


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As a young child, couldn't wait for Walter Cronkite to say, "And that's the way it is" at the end of the news b/c that meant the Flintstones were on next!!