Happy Birthday to Ray Charles .....


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I saw him at the New York State Fair in concert back in the 1980's. I took some pictures of him. He told a dirty sex joke which made one of the Raelettes (his backup singers) blush and shake her head. I was sort of surprised that he would share it with the audience. It was to do with his wife helping him find something.
Ray Charles had limited vision, but he was not blind. One of his funny things was driving a car, with a sighted person beside in the car. It was done as a joke for fun. He had a long time heroin addiction and a alcohol addiction as well. He could be charming, but also violent when drunk. JimB.


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Just happened to "see"..."passing thru".(channel surfing).
...the BOUNCE movie channel...was showing "Ray"
how appropriate!👍


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Today would have been the 92nd birthday of one of Ray's all-time favorite musicians, Ray Charles! Ray was born on this day in 1930 and would go on to be one of the most respected and inspirational artists ever. To celebrate, here is Ray Stevens paying homage to Charles by performing "I Got A Woman" live on CabaRay Nashville. Happy Birthday Ray Charles!