Have you tried the sleeper bus?


I haven't taken one yet but when MegaBus first came out I'd considered taking the one from SF to LA and then the next one from LA to Las Vegas to get out to Red Rocks to go climbing. However I never followed through.

If I were going somewhere by myself I'd consider it but I almost always travel with the wife so we either take one of our cars or our mini van on any trips where driving is involved.


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I expect this to be similar to the capsule hotels in Tokyo. They were nice and clean with amenities provided. The only difference would be the sleep bus is mobile.



This is a Rotel (Road Hotel) bus. Little bunkette "rooms" to sleep in the back and seats in the front.
Get out! OMG! I would not have believed it.
If sitting for hours side by side isn’t uncomfortable enough for you, you can then sleep right beside them and see them when they wake up!😳