He's been gone for eight years, but he still gets his wife flowers every Valentine's Day


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A Kentucky man passed away in 2012, but before he did, he made sure that his wife would always know just how much he loved her.
For over eight years, Rich Cox has had a flower arrangement delivered to his wife for her birthday and Valentine's Day, which are a day apart.


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I love flowers, and getting them, but am always sad when they start dying. I'd rather get a plant, then when the flowers die I know new ones will be come later. I have six rose plants, three are my favorites, but it's a struggle to keep them alive in six months of 100+ heat here in the desert. IMG_7391.JPG Midas Touch
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In one way, it's a loving gesture. In another way, it could be misconstrued as a selfish gesture - in that, she may feel closed to starting a new relationship down the road because of it. I don't think many men would feel comfortable with flowers being delivered from a deceased husband every year, for who knows how long.
.I'm going with creepy. What is the one day you would be happy your wife married you? Duh- Valentine's Day?? I don't think her husband planned on being dead, But I think he believed he'd possess her by sending flowers on her Birthday, and Valentine's Day. And now that he is dead, each passing year, the gesture is more like a shovel of dirt from his grave. At first, the gesture seems loving, but he has planned this way ahead of time, which makes the gesture a reminder that she is his-even if he didn't pass away.

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