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I am turning 61 this year, so I suppose that makes me a senior. It sure makes me feel old. I am retired from nursing & my law practice. Not willingly, of course, but thanks to crippling arthritis.

Some people are skeptical when they hear that I am a lawyer as well as a nurse. Yes, it’s possible. I graduated from law school before there was a professional group for nurse-attorneys. It seems like I was born a bit too soon for a lot of things. 😠

I spend a good portion of my time with my dogs. I have three rescue chihuahuas and one very tiny, very bossy half-chihuahua/half-terrier. The latter is the baby who also presumes that he is the boss!

My career was of primary importance; I never wanted a family. There was no way I could have stayed home to provide full time child care & remained sane. That’s just not what I ever wanted to do.

Anyway, I hope I can use my skills to help people avoid some of the scams being pulled by marketers. Unfortunately, the people in control these days have deregulated corporations to the extent where there is minimal - if any - consumer protection. And it’s just going to get worse unless we wake up. I’ve done criminal cases, too, so if need be I might be able to answer general questions about legal issues in the news.


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Welcome from Nebraska!!

Very interesting career paths.👩‍⚕️💼


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London England
Hi CS... good to have you here, I'm sure with your skills, you'll be asked many a question.. :) , although the law in the USA will not be any good for me in the UK, but...



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I know a couple of doctor/attorneys. Having medical/legal skills is really fantastic! I'm sure you will be fun to talk with!


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Hi CS,welcome aboard,glad you found us.
I find your 2 careers interesting,my dad was also a lawyer.One of my 1st jobs was working in local law firm,in the mail room. I learned how a law firm operates,the pay was lousy but it help pay my bills.I also worked in the health area as a pharm tech working at local hosptial for 27 yrs,delivering narcotics to nursing units
Sue in Buffalo,NY


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Sorry to hear that your medical condition is requiring you to retire, now, but it's nice that you have had such meaningful and worth while careers.

Welcome aboard!