Hi. So how do folks get acquainted around here?


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Hi, my name is Bruce and I am 67 years old. I live near Fort Lauderdale, but am originally from Iowa. I have an unhappy marriage that has been prolonged so my son, who is 17, can make it through high school with both parents at home. Is it the right choice to stay in an unhappy marriage just for the kids? I can only speak for my situation. My son is aware of the discord between his mother and I, but most the time things are pretty peaceful and my wife is a real task-master regarding his studying and grades and he has a lot more to roll off his back to tolerate that situation than to tolerate living with 2 parents that don't like each other very much. He is a good kid and I love living with him as opposed to seeing him on some kind of visitation schedule if me and his mother were separated. He seems pretty happy and well balanced, and I think in our particular situation, staying together with his mother was a good choice.

I want to start over at some point in the future after he graduates high school in June 2021, though don't know to what extent that is possible. Is romance possible for someone my age? I am finding it close to impossible to even court new friends, so a romance seems beyond possible.

What are the common ways to develop friendships on this message board?


Welcome, Bruce. I am sorry about your domestic situation. I was there once and got divorced as the conflict was damaging my physical health.
As far as age goes, I remarried at age 69 to a wonderful lady.
I am a relative newcomer to this board, so I suggest longer members may help you get acquainted.


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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I may be overstepping here but have you ever asked your son what he'd prefer? I know there were many times I thought my parents would be happier if they split up. Of course your situation might not allow your separating so that might not be an option. I commend both of you for staying together and staying civil for the benefit of your son.

I find the best way to get to know folks here is to follow the forums, find people you resonate with and reach out to them via PM if you're so inclined.

I know that it's possible for some people to start new and wonderful relationships when they're older. My wife's grandfather married his second wife when he was 85 and they had over 15 years together before she passed. I wish you are able to find what you desire.


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Hi Bruce,welcome glad you found us
I'm sorry you are going through this personal situation, there are married members here at SF that can give you their advise I wish you best of luck with it
You'll meet wonderful group of people here at SF from around the world which make it a unique forum
Sue in Buffalo,NY


Sometimes you replace the old with a new and find the old wasn't that bad in comparison. It seems like you both were able to work out staying together for your son's sake which means that you can work some things out. Perhaps you can work out the marriage.

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Hi. So how do folks get acquainted around here?​

Is this a trick question? Ir seems you answered your question

Hello, I'm Mr. Ed some say I talk, but don't be fooled on my account.


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Hi Bruce! I was the baby of the family and my parents waited until I was fifteen to divorce, I was amazed when my mother said they were waiting until I was old enough. I told here I wasn't even aware of any serious problems between them, and they should have acted much sooner. To me it doesn't make sense for anyone to stay together if they are not happy together, life is too short.



Hi Bruce,
You have already begun making new acquaintances.
Very sorry for your current situation, I hope things get better for you.
On a personal note, I think staying together for the sake of a child is not very beneficial to either of you, but that is just my opinion.



Welcome, Bruce.
Sorry that your marriage is difficult, yet in your situation and for you, the way you explained it, it seems to me to be a good decision for you. You and your son, both get more time to spend with each other that way, and you can be more aware of whatever he's going through, and that time will pass (quite soon) and never return.

Certainly you could find someone else later on, for a friendship or more. Perhaps you could begin now, to think about interests you have, that might include activities where you might interact with others later on, who have some similar interests to yours.

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Sorry about your situation Bruce. But it sounds like you are handling it the right way for you and you are not putting your son in the middle of it, so he sounds well adjusted too.
you are young yet, nice looking, and I’m sure you’ll have no problem meeting someone when your marriage is over and you are ready to move on. Just take it slow and don’t be “desperate” to find someone right away. Take some time to reintroduce your single self to yourself, figure out what in a new relationship, and the type of woman (if that is your preference) you want to meet. Set your sites high and don’t settle.

As for this forum, just post! People are so friendly here and you will have no problems whatsoever! 😊


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Welcome Bruce, the internet seems the most obvious place to meet someone new but it’s a minefield with so many liars and cheats waiting to take advantage of your good nature. Be patient and don't give up, there may be someone right for you out there but watch out.


Dear Bruce,
I had another thought. I had been married for 30 years before my wife passed away. It was really strange going out into the dating world after all that time. Fortunately, I met someone and we have been happily married for 13 years so far.
Take it slow, and get your bearings.
Good Luck!