Hospital Bills Woman $700 for 7-Hour ER Wait


I would have mailed them the unpaid bill, with a bunch of laughing faces on it.
It reminded me of when my mom went to Kaiser's ER with severe pain in her side when she was around 50.
They sent her home with gas pills - 3 times.
I suggested it was her appendix; she had visible swelling on her side & fever. (I have no medical training).
I called paramedics & they didn't want to risk the longer drive to Kaiser, so they took her to an ER that was only 2 miles away.
Her appendix burst while they were preparing her for surgery. They barely saved her & due to Kaiser's negligence, she needed a second surgery to remove remaining infection from the burst appendix.
Kaiser actually sent her a bill for $9,000.00 for the 2-mile ambulance ride to an "Out of Policy" facility.
I mailed the bill back to Kaiser - along with a "nice" letter. The only part I can post here is, "Best of luck collecting, dirtbags."