How do you like to be woken up?

Aunt Marg

Au-naturel here.

I put in my years waking to the sound of crying babies, alarm clocks, along with a host of other sleep interrupting conditions, so now is Aunt Marg's time.

Having always been an early riser, I'm usually up and at it by 5am. It makes for a long day, but I get to enjoy the best part of the day, that being early morning when all is peaceful and quiet... the best part of the day as far as I'm concerned.


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Ideally, with a back rub and a cup of coffee on the nightstand.
Those days are gone.
Still works for me. Just last night, in fact. I gave this young lady sharing my bed, a backrub and lo and behold, a cup of coffee appeared on my bedstand as I awoke this morning.
I always knew it would pay off, marrying a younger woman. She had a birthday yesterday. A youthful 85 !!:love:


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Since I retired 3 years ago ..I've rarely had to set the alarm for anything.. just get up when I please...I go to bed late.. and get up when I've had enough sleep..

Hubs still works full time, so he needs his alarm to go off at 5am.. he uses the news on his phone as an alarm

This morning however, we were going to leave the house I just set my google Home to play music very low.. I hear it the minute it starts and it's not jarring to the nerves..