How little they ask from us.


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I am so miserable and sad that I’m thinking about looking into a grief/support group for someone who’s lost a pet.

I’m sure they have them.
CeeCee, have you thought of searching the rescues for another pet? I can't live without a dog companion -- the house is just too quiet and lonely.

It took me a little more than 3 months to find another dog that fit after losing my Bonnie in April. But I finally did find a wonderful dog, all trained and everything. There are many very good dogs in rescues that are there because they've had their owner die, or are homeless because of a divorce or something similar. Many of them are well trained, I look for an older dog because I don't think I'd cope well with a puppy at my age (and with my joints).

Henry walked into my house completely house trained and familiar with using a dog door. He doesn't chew on anything that is not his, knows his commands, and I can leave him at home alone without worry when I have to go somewhere I can't take him.
He's pretty much a perfect dog and he was at the Humane Society looking for a home. I met him and brought him home that same day. I'm very blessed to have found him.


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Lots of people have asked me that. Maybe in the future but at this point in my

I’m not so much missing a pet in my life as I’m missing Pickles...I think there is a difference.

That was the short answer....there is a long answer too.

In short, I may even be moving from Fresno. My daughter and SIL are looking at a house that has a separate granny suite.

They just put their house on the market.

So a lot depends on that.

You are very lucky, Butterfly...sounds like a wonderful dog!

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