How Navy Boot Camp changed me.


Fuzzybuddy, your "radioman" mention reminds me of a friend who did NOT want to go to Nam and enlisted in the Navy in 66 "to learn computers". After "computer school" the Navy told him that they had fulfilled all their promises THEN they sent him back to school: To become a "radioman" ON A RIVER PATROL BOAT!! Interesting craft: Fore and aft QUAD 50s.

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Some countries (I think Israel might be one) require a form of national service and if the person is a conscientious objector or has religious reasons for not wanting to be in the military, they're still required to serve by, for instance, spending some number of years out in the hot desert sun pulling weeds or planting stuff.
Yep...that happened to me. Was sent to a California Conservation Camp. It was basically a boot camp with very few perks. Up before dawn, crummy food, kitchen and grounds duties, and working out in the wilderness in over 100 and below freezing temps. It absolutely changed the direction my life was headed before. Sobered me up, and made a productive citizen out of a aimless life.


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Have vivid memory of the boot camp in Navy in 1957
up at Great Lakes....esp the navy chief commander of our company, decided on his own that white tee's and white short boxers were not white enuff....I got roped into helping him collect ALL the tees/shorts for his special washing, that consisted of big trash barrels (metal) and water and many
many packs of powered bleach!!! I had to stand and stir the mess for awhile, then when he started takeing it all out of the cans, we found out that the whole mess was full of BLEACH
HOLES!!!!! He had to replace everyone's underwear!!!!
I never set foot in a Navy boot camp, but it had a significant influence on me and many others. First day in OCS we were informed that should we fail to measure up there would be a seat waiting on the next train to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. The shadow of the Great Lakes was a powerful motivator! (-8