How old you think you are?

From my birth certificate, I'm 73 years old. That's old- just ask any teenager. But I don't feel 73. I'm not a kid, but I don't feel old. If I were to guess the age I feel I am, rather than the age my birth certificate says I am, I would say I'm 18ish. Now, this is the age I feel I am. Granted some days first getting out of bed feels like I'm so old nobody has ever lived that long. But the age that's rattling around in my brain is 18. How old you think you are?


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Some days, larking about with my daughter and friends I feel about 12, I think we need to keep a sense of the ridiculous, not take ourselves too seriously, and stay young at heart


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Not too long before my mother died (at age 87 from cancer), she said: "I look in the mirror and I see an old woman looking back, and I'm shocked and can barely accept that it is me. Inside I still feel like I'm in my mid 30s and find that old lady in the mirror ever so surprising."


i feel over the hill at the moment !! and properly look it ...🥴 too much stress and worry...!!
But once im chatting with friends , im a nutter as usual.......and as soon as a good tune comes on....woohooo......back to my teens....😂



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My age is equal to the number of trips I have made around the Sun.

Diet, exercise routine, astral enlightenment or personal attitude may or may not extend my lifespan, but it won't change my age.


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OK, who care's....I just turned 75....I was scared when January came upon me....I was really not feeling good....I had a terrible summer....
I had pneumonia in august last year....That's when I thought I was gonna die.. I first thought it was a cold.. But most of the time I was
sleeping….It was a hot summer....My husband got me up and took me to the Doctor....It took 2 weeks to feel better....We didn't let my kids
to come and visit....Now with all the talk about this Coronavirus, I'm taking care of myself....Be Well everyone and take care of yourself....
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Some said this a lot better than I did. I don't feel any age, but I think about the world, people, and things they same way I did when I was 18. Not that I'm a frisky 18 year old in a 73 year old suit. Hell, nobody calls me "frisky" anymore.