How's your weather today?


I thought there was a thread on this somewhere but can't find it, so I'm starting one.

Temp today is 10C/50F and rainy. It was very windy last night and this morning and many ferries were cancelled. It's calmed down now though.

Last Monday I picked up my new transitions glasses and I've yet to be able to test them out in the sun to see how dark they get. There hasn't been any!!

How's your weather?

Raining cats and dogs here...and quite windy... a lovely combination!! Waterproof jacket/windproof umbrella at the ready as I'm about to set off to collect grandson from school. It's about a half hour walk but we'll get the bus home.
Seasonal fall weather by me, we already had a tiny bit of snow the other day, and they say we'll get another dusting maybe tomorrow. Have to rake up all my leaves and hope not to get a third yellow jacket sting, both arms are still slightly itchy and swollen from the last two. Today is sunny and 61 degrees, tonight in the mid 30s, supposed to be a bit cooler as the week goes on.


84[SUP]°[/SUP][SUP]F[/SUP]Feels Like 93°
Partly Cloudy

WindSSE 10 mphHumidity75%Dew Point75°FPressure30.06 in Visibility10.0 miUV Index2 out of 10
We've had great Fall weather here in the Midwest...with mild temperatures during the day, and only a bit chilly at night. We're a bit behind on normal rainfall, and most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. I'm watching the forecast for the middle of this week, as they are saying there will be a major front coming through with the possibility of severe weather and even late season tornado's, Wednesday. Compared with some parts of the country, we have been lucky this year....hope it stays that way.
It`s raining here-YAY!! Hoping the drought is over. Severe thunder and lightning a few miles south of here and in San Francisco-darn,it always misses wherever I am! I love a good thunderstorm! The weather report is actually calling for snow here later this afternoon but that would surprise me. The only downside to all this is the mudslides that are sure to happen in the mountains where the Valley Fire destroyed all the trees.
It was in the very low 40's when I went for my walk this morning with a light breeze and it's supposed to be a sunny low 60's later.

Oh by the know how they say to layer your clothing when it gets cold ?

Leg hair does not count as a layer under light sweat pants........I darn near froze my butt off this morning. :D
We've been getting into the 60's still but the mornings start off on the chilly side. Lots of sunshine though, makes it feel warmer. It's warm for November. I like it that way.
Transition lenses do well where I live. Most people own them because we do have lots of brilliant sunshine yearound. I've never got a pair myself, but have heard good things. Hope you get to try yours out soon.
Stopped snowing around an hour ago, now it's 40 degrees and sunny. Taken from my back porch a couple of minutes ago.

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