I Am Entitled To Anchor $$$ But Can't Get Through To The New Jersey State Agency


New Jersey
I found out by reading a news article that the state of N.J. has a program called ANCHOR. Homeowners and tenants can receive up to $1,250 based on their 2020 taxes. Allegedly packets were sent out to individuals containing pin numbers. I don't remember receiving such a packet. I tried to obtain my pin online but found out I have to call and speak to a representative, since I've never been assigned a pin before. Well good luck with that! I've called several times and the ultimate message is always that they have too many calls waiting and to call back later. The message also said state agents will be going door to door until close to deadline date which is Dec 29th.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I don't make too much to qualify and that ownership of a unit in multi unit complexes qualify. I hate Should I continue to have problems getting through on the phone, I just saw on the website that I can visit a regional information center, which is doable. I'd have to wait for my son to get off early to take me. Also I'm wondering if I can call the regional office to get my pin. :unsure:

Fellow N.J. residents...are you aware of the program? Have you already gotten your ANCHOR packet or received your payment?
NJ Division of Taxation - ANCHOR Program