I Am Now Dealing With Wells Fargo, Something I Said I'd Never Do


New Jersey
I read an article about best credit cards and saw an offer I couldn't refuse. Wells Fargo is offering a card with 2% cash backs all the time and a $200 bonus after spending only $500 within 90 days. Usually it's $1,500. Besides my cards that offer 5% and 3% bonus points in quarterly and chosen categories, respectively, knowing I'll get 2% on all other purchases certainly beats the Chase & BOA 1.5% cards I currently have. They do offer 2% in limited categories, however.

I'll see how this goes. If I ever have a issue that can't be resolved via online services and I have trouble reaching a live person, or have a bad experience with customer service, it may impact whether or not I keep the card.

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Me either. I have known many people who wish they didn't have any.
My daughter convinced me to get a credit card years ago because I was taking a trip by plane and she said I would need one for that,so I got one and charged two things and then paid it off. I booked my trip with a travel agent and she took my check for the air fare so I didn't even need a credit card, but people like OneEyedDiva seem to really know how to properly use them for the best deal and I commend her.

It is so sad that some Americans have to use credit cards to buy food these days-in America!
I opened a WF checking account over a year ago because they're the only bank in the area still offering safety deposit boxes (and I'm here to tell you, their rates are quite reasonable). I don't use the account for anything, just needed to have an account there in order to get the SD box (or maybe it was to get the good rate). They email a balance update every morning.
I DO NOT trust them(WF).2 much bad publicity
That can be never be.undone
I just watched a doc on Netflix about Wells Fargo's egregious behavior toward their employees who came forward about "irregularities" and clients. It made me rethink even having a card with them. Some of the higher ups paid the price for their mostly inaction, but others did not. I'll be looking for another card with similar perks, as soon as I get my $200 out of WF.