I am preparing for Yoga Teacher's Training classes July 1, 2021

Mr. Ed

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Cortland NY
I enrolled at YogaFarm for 8 week teacher's training class for 200 hr certification to teach Yoga to seniors who live in Cortland County. I haven't told anyone of my intentions yet because anything could happen between now and then.

I follow YogaFarm membership archived training classes to be aware of what to expect. Classes are all online via zoom for virtual in-person guidance and collected activities.

Somedays I can nearly do a full set 25-30 minutes, but the next day is usually a washout for me, doing only 10 minutes or so. I enjoy Yoga because I see my efforts paying off with increased stamina, strength and balance, I feel I let myself down if I don't try to do Yoga everyday.

Mostly I observe in consideration of the types of poses I want to incorporate into personal wellness package. Senior cognition skills are sometimes challenged introducing new and different tasks than they are accustomed to I will need to find a way to engage seniors by gaining their trust.

Much of what I've learned about Yoga thus far are body/limb/shoulder/neck rolls and face Yoga plus stretches and breathing methods.

I was looking for some kind of exercise that would prepare me scuba diving certification next month. I checked around various Yoga studios, most were closed because of COVID. Then I got the idea to learn yoga while participating in a Yoga teachers training course, become a certified Yoga instructor and bring it all home and share what I learned with fellow seniors at no charge.


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This is very cool. An 8 week training program is a lot of yoga 🧘‍♀️. I hope it helps you to accomplish what you’d like to do. I really love yoga. Since I damaged my rotator cuff I haven’t been able to do my regular routines since they all include exercises that involve the arms.


Good for you @Mr. Ed !

I keep promising myself I'll give yoga a gentle start, but I never do.*sigh*
Years ago Dixie Carter from Designing Women fame had a very basic yoga tape I loved. This was back in the 90s.
I've looked on line for it....there appears to be 2 of them, and I couldn't decide which one it was at the time.

But it was so easy, perfect for beginners!


I enrolled at YogaFarm for 8 week teacher's training class for 200 hr certification to teach Yoga to seniors who live in Cortland County.
That is very awesome, good for you! I love Yoga, and would love to take some Yoga training, but I am way too busy with my Taichi / Qigong training, not to mention teaching Taichi as a Silver Sneakers FLEX instructor.
My business partners(and dear friends) are both Yoga certified, in our fitness classes they regularly 'borrow' some of my Qigong forms, and I incorporate some Yoga in my classes. Warrior I & Warrior II, plus I was thinking today after we did Taichi in the park that I might adapt the Yoga "Sun salutation" for use as a Qigong form, maybe as a seated form.