I live in Maryland now, but I grew up in Texas


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I’m a retired physician and writer, but my real passion is art: I’ve been a collage and mail artist for 10 years. I just turned 65 on February 22, 2020. I’ve been married for over 40 years to a ponytailed botanist. We have no kids (by choice). We live with two oriental longhair cats, Stevie Ray and Emmylou. I’m also into reading (literature, nonfiction, crime fiction), fish (especially sharks), science & medicine, meditation, Patti Smith, and comedic splatter movies.

I look forward to socializing here with my fellow senior citizens and baby boomers! =smile=


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I'd like to know what a mail artist is, too. Also, what's a comic splatter movie?

I love cats, too. I can't have any pets and I don't know where the strays are in this town so, I feed the squirrels.

Also no children here by choice either. Got close once.


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Hi Fiona,welcome glad you found us
You'll meet a wonderful group of people from around the world here at SF
Enjoy yourself here
Sue in Buffalo,NY


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Stevie Ray, named for the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan, Texas blues guitarist, is on the left, and Emmylou, named for Emmylou Harris, the country/blues singer who's still with us, is on the right.

As for mail art, it's any kind of art that is sent through the mail. Most of my mail art is in the form of collage postcards, which you can see at my art website (the easiest way to navigate it is to click on "albums"; once you get to the page with the description, click on the image for a full-screen view).

Comedic splatter: gory movies that are purposely made to be funny! Many many titles, but here are two classics of the genre: Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive" and Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead 2".

Thanks for the welcome! I grew up in Houston!
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Patti Smith is not just to be remembered, RadishRose! She's still giving concerts, still cutting records, still making artwork, and most importantly, still writing BOOKS! She won the National Book Award several years ago for Just Kids, her account of her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, and since then has written M Train and Year of the Monkey. I've always been as much into her writing as into her rock-n-roll. =smile=