I love that my daughter shared this


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"I hate being on the phone... unless it’s her, then I will happily talk, gossip, and laugh for over an hour without even realizing how much time has passed 🥰 — with Ronni ."


I have a 30 - 35 minute commute to work in the morning. Several mornings a week Paige and I will chat while I drive (Thank God for AirPods because this is a hands-free State!!) The morning of that particular chat, I had to stop twice for a couple quick errands, so it took me over an hour to get from home to work. We happily chatted the whole time, and even after i arrived at my client's house, I sat for another 10 minutes in the driveway while we rattled on! I love these morning chats. And my heart about exploded when I discovered that she's posted this on facebook and tagged me in the post! :love: :love: :love:


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Time does get away from you on these phones. It’s a great way to enjoy each other’s company in the morning. My daughter usually calls us on her car phone while she drives home from work.
Mine does the same..... as she's driving home up the mountain she'll call until the she gets to where there's no signal at all and it cuts out... so probably about 15 mins.. , but at least once a week she'll find time ( and she's verrrry busy)..to call from home, and be on the phone for well over an hour.

Each day she whatsapps too... in fact I've had 4 today already....


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My brother often calls me long distance to chat on his way home from work. He lives 3,000 miles away and is 3 hrs. behind us. We've had some great conversations during these chats.

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We chat with our daughters at the weekend. If there's anything special, we might call during the week. They have pretty busy lives and travel a lot. No idea what a whatsapp is,
and I don't use anything like facebook, twitter etc.. If necessary we exchange eMails.