I need help with getting rid of update


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My husband was on my computer last night and he said when he was ready to shut the computer it said it needed to update. So he kept it on until the update was installed, When I put it on this morning I didn't like the changes. The last time something like this happened I went into something in my computer and I was able to reset it to an earlier time Now for the life of me I can't remember what app to us to do this. Could you please give me any advice.

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Got hacked again this A.M. Again, locked screen 'Microsoft.'
Do not exit this screen.....
call Microsoft at......
Called..."Are you actually Microsoft?"
"yes, blab, blab, stand by while I get a tech person to help you."
I hung up.

This time I HAD sense enough to
call my guru who walked me though restoring internet.
He was gracious enough to not cuss me or call me stupid.
I took up over an hour of his time.

I wonder if scam punks have a method of determining people with limited or no knowledge of pc 'stuff.' And Are Gullible!
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When I put it on this morning I didn't like the changes.
What kind of changes did you see??? I keep my system (W10) updated, and the last update...a couple of days ago....showed a screen with some new "Aps", after doing the update/restore. I took a quick look at these aps, and quickly decided that there was nothing there that I needed, so I just clicked on the "maybe later" option at the bottom of that window, and everything was back to normal.