If you live alone, do you still do basic cooking

or rely on convenience or partially prepared grocery items? I prefer simple basic cooking (chop or oven roast, veggie, salad, etc.) but I keep a few few partially prepared entrees in freezer for days when not up to cooking. Trader Joe has especially tasty items that only need a little oven time.


Central TX
Basic is good, complex favorites are good too. Been so hard to find good Chinese food near me, I have settled for the "great value popcorn chicken" from Walmart with Kikkoman sweet and sour sauce. Tastes great and won't need to paint Goodyear on my sides and float me over ball games.....
I do basic cooking and some complicated cooking, too. Convenience foods are just packed with sodium and lots of other stuff I can't even pronounce. For me, it isn't really much more trouble to pan grill and chicken breast or fish and some veggies than to do the convenience food thing -- plus, it tastes like real food and is better for me.

Aunt Bea

Near Mount Pilot
Sort of a patchwork.

I cook a couple of times a week and make enough to have leftovers the next day, buy a few heat and eat items from the grocery store deli, a few single serving convenience foods and keep a couple of frozen entrees on hand.

About the only thing that I don't do is order delivery like pizza or Chinese food.


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Batavia, NY
Not really alone, but there are two of us, and I do not see things changing much if I am alone, first. I prefer freshly made, simple things. I will make a big batch of soup in the slow cooker, and then freeze individual portions. I buy a lot of ground turkey in 3 or 5 pound packs. Then I split it up to freeze. When I buy some this weekend, I am going to take about half, make up meatballs (cooking them in oven) and then freezing them in packages of 4-5 meatballs. I keep fresh veggies on hand for snacks.


I cook for myself because I like the taste of the food I prepare.

Most pre-pepared meals do not taste as good. They add stuff I either don't like or loathe the taste.

I usually cook several portions at a time and freeze them.

Mostly though, I cook a main meal each day. Not really much of a problem.


I make a good breakfast everyday, but after that it's usually grab and go the rest of the day.
Making meals for just myself is a rare thing.. I just don't enjoy doing that.
In the hot weather that we have around here, I don't like the kitchen area at all ..:sunglass:

Ruth n Jersey

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It is just the hubby and me but I definitely would cook if I were alone. I have to eat gluten free which would be the first reason. Second,I love to cook and it would give me something to do and save money at the same time. Like a few have already mentioned, I would freeze meals for when I wasn't in the mood to cook or not feeling up to par.


Wisc USA
I cook a few times a week (mostly basic, but occasionally advanced), have leftovers a couple times a week and have partially prepared foods on hand because life happens.
I can't do convenience foods because I'm diabetic, but even before that I'd rather have leftovers.
I'm baking cookies right now!

Mondays child

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. UK
I bought myself one of those small halogen ovens as my kitchen is so small it was either a cooker or a washing machine and I cannot live without a washing machine.
It works really well for me so between that and the microwave I've got things covered cooking wise. I enjoy cooking for myself and hate it when I give in and use microwave meals. I do miss sharing a meal with someone though and sometimes think what's the point in making a nice meal.

I have lost interest in cooking for one, so am considering going down to the dining room here
for my main meal of the day. I think it will be cheaper than buying for one and often throwing
away veggies that i have not used. Will still make the muffins and scones that I like for breakfast
and soups in the fall.


Charlotte nc
I usually make one decent meal a day. I've gotten so I can't eat much at a time and just a slice of meat with tomato in a good piece of bread will do. I do cook from scratch, mostly stews and casseroles that I can freeze in individual portions. Once in a while I get a longing for something from long ago like burgers with onions in gravy or about anything with gravy -šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. My GDs visit pretty often so I cook for them and the 12 yr old is learning. Maybe she'll cook for me if I get too frail. šŸ˜œšŸ˜œ.


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i lived by myself for 22 years and i always cooked--i made several meals at a time and froze them --i had a big yard i had to take care of--now i live with my daughter and i dont cook at all

C'est Moi

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Houston Y'all
There are two of us, but I love to cook so if I were ever a single I don't doubt that I would continue to cook for myself. Not to say that an occasional Costco rotisserie chicken doesn't make its way home with me. :D


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I've never liked to cook. My dinners are either frozen 'Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones',or salad from Panera's. I also like the rotisserie chicken from local grocery store. I make myself a salad every night to go with my dinner Sue

Smiling Jane

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I still cook, but I've lived alone for quite some time. My mother wasn't inspired to cook when she lived alone so I used to go to her home and cook and freeze meals for her. I decided I wasn't going to be like her, so I never stopped cooking.

I baked a crumb cake today and froze it in portions.


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I stopped cooking for my self when I moved to my present abode. I now have access to three gourmet meals per day in the lovely dining room here at Oakmont. I have a kitchenette which I only use for quick snacks or a cup of coffee, glass of wine.


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Upstate New York
I will be 62 in the summer. I am widowed so I live alone and I cook most nights. I have never had a microwave. I like the prep, and I use mostly cast irons pans. Love chopping veggies. I do like to eat so good thing I can cook!!