I'm getting overdosed on the sports


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Liberty MO
coverage on tv these days....I am actually resentful against the local stations
for the way they non-stop cover these pro-well paid-athletes.....it has gotten so
bad here that even one of the local tv reporters said on air that he thought they
were talking TOO much about the Chiefs, Royals, etc...then he quit and went into
politics....I mean am I crazy???!!! nowadays you see about 1/2 the news covering
whatever sports is popular today, where it used to be about 5 or 10 mins at most....
gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.....I have stopped watching the local news channels completely for this reason......:eek:(n)😖

I'm just the opposite, not enough Sports coverage!

Baseball games, Hockey in full swing, Spring training reports on College football, Golf and reports
on how the America's Cup contenders are doing!

So little time, So many Sports to track... :)