knowing who is on line ?


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just a idea …

Suggestion I did make was - having a chat board on the front page of the forum / like blackboard with lines' and your name appears when u type something with smilies if wanted ,dont mean a chat room as I dont think they work well'
so the chat board is at the top and all our other threads under it , just to type helo how u doing? or you gotta go to dentist today '' I know we have a thread about our day 'but this just quick something -it brings folks closer as u can see all thats wrote -and anyone can type something 'nice to start your entry I thought ' and it gets people knowing each other ..even its just a line ..any way just a idea . (y) let me know what you think .

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We basically have what you describe unless I'm missing something. You can enter a short thought, "I have to go to the dentist today" or "how are you doing?", on your Profile Status Update. It will appear in the right-hand column of the Home Page. Other members can reply to you by clicking on the 3 dots and you can respond to them.