Let's see some high school pics!


Ohio USA
(Maybe senior yearbook photo). I want to see some hairdos….girls and guys. Here’s mine – 1968 after ditching the cat-eye glasses and getting contacts. (Paging SeaBreeze or AZ Jim for more help with sizing). :(


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Very pretty ladies. I only have one picture that's post High School maybe by one or two years, not even sure if I can find that one at the moment and then only others in my 20'2.

AC, there is someone you remind me of in that pic you posted, not sure if it's someone I've seen in person, but, more likely an actress.
O Boy did this ever take some digging. Me and a few 1952 High School Classmates. Pic taken from year book with my I Phone. My friend and classmate Joe Taniguchi was interred with his family during WW2. His older brother fought in Italy and was heavily decorated.GRAD.jpg
Love those pics, Lon, Josiah!

AprilT, oh gee, there are SO MANY beautiful actresses I look like......hard to pick just one. :tongue:


:lofl: :lofl: :lofl:
Oh my, all so young! What happened to all of us? Did we get stuck in some weird time warp because it seems like yesterday!:rolleyes:

Sorry no pictures from me of that era. Too busy doing things I shouldn't have to bother with school and photos? Pfft, who needs photos? Silly girl. But you all looked so sweet and fresh!