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There was a time a few years back that a very big deal was made about Love being a verb, an action word, and that it didn’t just happen, you had to work at it sometimes.

In line with that concept, This gem of wisdom by one of my favorite humans became one of my most favorite quotes about love.


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I must be the odd one.

Mr Rogers kinda creeped me out
Really? He was a really nice man, probably too nice for some of these self-entitled wannabe’s that are roaming the streets and schools today. When my 1st grandson was growing up, we watched him while his parents were at work and we made sure that he watched Blues Clues and Mr. Rogers everyday.


Yes, I saw the commercial the other day and would like to see that movie. I will have to wait till it's on Netflix though so it won't be anytime soon.
I saw the commercial too, I like Tom Hanks I’m glad he’s going to play the part. I’ll get my granddaughter to go to the movie with me.😊