Meet The IDF's New Iron Sting


Southern Indiana, U.S.A.
The following article is from the IDF website:

A mere few days after the beginning of the war, the advanced “Iron Sting” mortar munition was made operational by the “Maglan” Commando Unit. The mortar is one of its kind in many aspects, but particularly in its level of precision. Our troops in the field are able to direct it using not one but two components - a laser and a GPS - which are integrated into its structure.

The soldiers of the “Maglan” Unit utilized the mortar to target Hamas launching posts. These posts and the terrorists working them are responsible for indiscriminate rocket fire that can easily result in the death or injury of civilians, making their quick destruction essential and lifesaving. The mortar was initially used in the southern arena, however forces in the northern arena began using it a short while later.

The operating team ‘feeds’ the target location into the mortar. “Iron Sting” mortars can be guided using two means: a laser and a GPS. The mortar was designed with the notion that heavy clouds or haze can constitute an obstacle for a laser beam, therefore if the beam struggles to perform and guide the mortar, the exact GPS system can provide backup. Similarly, in the case of disrupted satellite signal, the laser beam will be used as backup for the GPS system.

Creating such an advanced tool containing two guiding options was very complex and took Israel’s security institutions almost 10 years to develop and operationalize.