National Postal Workers Day - July 1st


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The postman, I was married to one. He loved his job and being a part of the community he served. He was also very involved with his union, he worked a full day as a carrier and then served his union members during the evening and weekends. You could say it was all consuming.

When he got sick, all the carriers were there to offer support and love. After he passed I was able to continue health insurance. investment accounts with the post office. I highly recommend working for the postal service. It is hard work but the benefits and the postal community support are well worth it.

I was mailing a package the other day and the postal worker asked me the routine question “anything liquid, perishable, hazardous…” etc etc. I finally asked what I’d been thinking every time they ask that…. “If someone *was* trying to m@il something hazardous, would they actually own up to it?” The gentleman behind the counter smiled and said, “you’d be surprised” Well then!

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My brother, who is 59 yrs old is a postal employee, started as carrier in rural Vermont over a decade ago. Is now a supervisor. During worst of pandemic he often did all the other jobs as well because people were out.


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I wished my Postal Mistress a happy Postal Worker’s Day yesterday. She was taken back, not knowing herself of the occasion and saying that no one had informed her of it! Such is small town America…


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In the summer of discontent in the UK 2022, British Postal workers are the latest in a long line of companies who have voted to strike...