New bill for adding dental hearing vision to medicare


I'm on my 3rd pair of hearing aids. Bought them on line after an online questionaire, paid about $400 for the pair, and they work as well as my first two rather expense ones. It was a leap of faith but working out okay.

I'd love for medicare to cover dental. I need some work done, and probably a new denture.
That's excellent that those hearing aids you found, are helpful!

And I coverage would help so much. Those prices have sky-rocketed!:oops::rolleyes::eek:

I'm skeptical of them ever adding this coverage, and if so, if it would be worth it. If they did add the coverage, I bet there'd be a big jump in medicare premiums. Another problem would be if dentists would accept the coverage -- they can just opt out like doctors can.

I've never seen a dental plan that had coverage that was really worth anything, anyway. Their designated dentists are always very expensive, and even with the dental insurance you can end up paying more out of pocket than with your ordinary dentist.