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Then we shouldn't even get into the sexual assaults women have had to endure while members of the armed forces, and the bad treatment they received if they reported it.

I would have to wonder if anything would be different in the future if they ever did start to draft women.

Men get sexually assaulted in the military as well:


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This is all true and would be very difficult to defend him, especially since in his second YouTube selfie video, he states that he will have to face the consequences of his actions. So, he knew all to well that what he has done is not acceptable in the military.

However, in his defense, I would just say that the Generals that made the decisions that were administered in Afghanistan did not show us Americans that we have really smart people in charge of the military. Had Bagram Air Base, that we built and paid for, been kept opened, we could have airlifted our military, fellow Americans and the Afghans that aided our military during the conflict safely.

Because what did happen was a failure and cost 13 people their lives all fell on the backs of those that were running the show, namely Milley, McKenzie and Austin. As Milley had stated that he had to make a choice to either keep Bagram open or use the men to guard the Embassy that we also built and paid for at a cost of $800 million and fell anyway to the Taliban. Another failure imposed by the three Musketeers.

Not only didn't they apologize for their failures, but now are punishing an Officer of the U.S. Marines for bringing all of this to the attention of the American people. I understand that these men had their feelings hurt and maybe were insulted, but for the egregious acts of incompetent decisions, they had to expect that someone was going to call them out for these missteps. They blamed it on

Why not look at his record of being a loyal, fully committed Marine officer, who has spent 17 years in the Marines, has served his Battalion as a Platoon leader in exemplary fashion and is a married man with children at home. Having him serve what may be years in a Federal prison is no way to end this man's career. I would suggest that giving him a general discharge and perhaps, (I'm not sure how this would work) give him a reduced pension. After all, I do agree that some form of punishment should be meted out.

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I think Col Scheller USMC is BRAVE and COURAGEOUS for speaking out for what he knows is right! It's wonderful to know that REAL MEN still exist!

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I think Israel has the best idea....Mandatory service for Everyone....other than mothers and those who are disabled. They can serve in the military, and/or some form of community service. That gives the people of Israel some sense of "belonging" to their nation....and attitude that is sorely lacking among so many of our people...especially the young. IMO, a year, or two, of serving in some capacity that would benefit our nation would go a long way towards resolving many of the "social" issues we seem to face.