O.J. Simpson Case

Please understand what I meant by being unhappy with the verdict on a micro level - I felt OJ should have been brought to justice for those murders. However, his defense was superior to the DA's prosecution - they made some crucial errors, LAPD made a mess of the investigation, and the glove antic was the topper. Not to mention that people are deemed innocent until proven guilty. Lots of what made the news was not permissible in court.

On a macro level, the US justice system has been and remains undeniably tilted against Black men. I was also relieved that our city didn't erupt into riots.

The DA's office was outgunned, plain and simple. LAPD's star-struck behavior during the early hours of the investigation led to plenty of mistakes that the defense capitalized on. Mark Fuhrman's racist comments didn't help, and the glove antics sealed the deal.

OJ was indeed beloved in Los Angeles. He was an affable, approachable, extremely high-profile superstar while at USC. His acting and announcing careers post football kept him very much in the public eye.
Strongly agree. The prosecution was WAY outgunned. It wouldn't have mattered who was the judge, IMHO. The prosecution was ineffective and poorly planned; and you couple that with their obvious mistakes (the glove thing and the fqact that the prosecution didn't investigate Fuhrman thoroughly enough to find out about the infamous tapes wherein he used the "N word") and the fact that OJ was a local hero, and the result was a foregone conclusion.
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There have been several players on the Buffalo Bills team that have been involved in domestic violence fatalities over the years. Strangely, Jim Dunaway was also accused of killing his wife just after the time of the OJ trial:

Jim Dunaway - Wikipedia

The local sheriff refused to charge him with a crime so his children sued him in civil court:

Former Bills Star Jim Dunaway Forced to Pay $500,000 After His Ex Wife Was Found Dead in a Swimming Pool (sportscasting.com)

Virtually the same crime yet not a fraction of the controversial publicity or attention behind the trial.