Oldest yoga teacher in the world is 100 years old


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Jun 14, 2014
Connecticut USA

Imagine being 100, limber, lucid, and living alone. Oddly, though, she's had FOUR hip replacements. But, still, what an inspiration! Maybe I should start doing yoga. Yeah, right!
Oh, she's wonderful! She's so right about posture. I wish I'd listened to my mother and father about sitting up straight. I became a slouch in my adulthood.


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Apr 17, 2017
Southern AZ
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Why not? Baby steps! Its never too late to get healthier.
I've noticed one thing about me (not very flattering), I get all excited about something, buy books about it, inspire others to do it, I have the best intentions but only do it a few times and then quit. When a teenager I was a pretty good at drawing, a friend saw my drawings and became a graphic artist, I never did anything with it. I have all kinds of exercises printed, got dumbells, and only do a few days worth, and then quit. Start and stop. I could try yoga, not making any promises. :playful: