Our modest vegetable garden.


The motormouth ;)
Nashville TN
Ron and I split the gardening duties. We both help each other out with whatever is needed, and frequently our duties cross, but there's still a fairly noticeable divide.

I'm the flower and houseplant person, both inside and outside. I tend to all the houseplants, make sure the plants and flowers in the garden and in the porch pots are flourishing. Ron takes care of the yard, grass, bushes, and trees, but his special love is the vegetable garden! He LOVES that garden, and I must say, he tends it well.

I'm not entirely sure what all is planted there, even though I helped plant everything. And it's not a very large plot, nowhere near as expansive as many of of the vegetable gardens here in the south...southerners LOVE to plant and can!! Still, I thought you'd like a glimpse of how well it's doing. Ron sure is proud of it!!

Zucchini. It just exploded this last couple weeks!

This monster is horseradish!

A couple different views of the rest, though I didn't get pics of the tomato plants in similar tubs to the horseradish on either end of the enclosure. There are beans and peas climbing that trellis, squash, red and green peppers, cucumbers, leeks....I think there might be a couple other things too, but I can't remember.

Ron credits how well everything is growing to our huge compost enclosure out back. It sure is rich....I plant up all the porch pots using it, and they're flourishing too!