Our Voluptuous Women


Pretty ladies all, would be no more so skinny.

However I am not sure about their health... More important than beauty.
Yes, health is important, but what about brains? I love a woman with brains that can carry on an intelligent conversation. Beauty comes with youth and often fades with age. For my money, brains are better because the older you get the smarter you get. Yes, yes, I know about dementia and Alzhemizer's, but other than that the older you get the smarter you get unless you watch mind killing movies like, "Bad Grandpa."


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I really really hope, and would like to believe, that someday Science will solve the problem of why some people are prone to gaining weight, instead of always ascribing it to a character or will power defect problem, like it was just greed, no impulse control or a lapse of morals.. Iā€™ve been struggling with it since I was 11. It can be as bad a problem as racism, to be on the receiving end. But still managed to raise a family, earn 2 masters degrees at an excellent university and have good jobs. .


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Personally for me I do not like myself with extra pounds. I am tall 5'8" and look like The Hulk if I gain too much.

We all need to accept our bodies for what they are, and that goes for both men and women.