Pineapple Ice Box Cake


Connecticut, USA
I am looking for a recipe for pineapple ice-box cake from the 50's. My aunt used to make it. I've scoured websites but nothing seemedlike the way she made it.

I don't think it had any cake in it. I think the crust was either pie-crust or maybe graham cracker.

It had alot of cream in it; very rich! I think there were 2 layers on top of the crust and some nuts in it somewhere.

She chilled in in the freezer, in ice cube trays without the cube sections.
Any ideas or recipes? Thanks very much in advance!

Just Jeff

LOL, here it is, 2022 and I still haven't made it! I still want to eat some, 'tho.
Looks easy, once all the ingredients are available >

from the page with the pic >

"I made it with crumbled graham crackers instead. So it’s not exactly true to the original, but close.

It’s an extremely easy dessert to make, and there’s no reason, really, that you couldn’t eat it as soon as you make it, but the butter layer does firm up just a bit if you chill it overnight.

This one is not made with gelatin at all.

Here’s the drill: Place the crumb layer in the bottom of a 10×7 Pyrex dish.

Then you cream butter and sugar, add 2 eggs (yes, this dessert contains raw eggs) and a tad of vanilla.

That is layered into the dish (not too heavy-handed or you’ll pick up crumbs with the spoon.

In a clean bowl, cream is whipped, and you add the pineapple and chopped walnuts.

That’s spread into the dish, then more crumbs on top. Chill 24 hours. How difficult is that?"