Rainy Sunday Around The Sanctuary Makes The Boy Dog Hungry










bless his big paws... time for some clippin' of those claws tho'...:giggle:

Absolutely agree with you @hollydolly.
Tuesday the 28th my 12yr old Mason will have surgery to remove a growth on his gums, teeth cleaned, two skin tags removed and nails clipped while under anesthesia.

Another issue is that front right paw is "flat footed". Mason gets pain meds daily (60mg Galliprant) to help with the discomfort of the flat paw, inflammation and suspected minor Osteoarthritis. The nails always look larger on that flat paw.

... and @hollydolly I have a good deal of anxiety about Tuesday, given his age and all.
Will just be glad when the boy dog is back home late Tuesday afternoon and on the mend.
The Galliprant is $107 a month, his human grade food is $192 a month ... then a hundred or so for treats and dental chews.
The surgery won't be cheap either. But Mason is worth every penny :)

@MadMongoose66 the squirrels LOVE that tree in the sanctuary !!! It yields berries they fatten up on for winter and there is a large clear area all around where they can watch for free roaming cats ... that never come into the sanctuary anyway because Mason. That bench is a favored perch and vantage point near the ground. AND there is a large outside water bowl always filled with fresh water. Birds and squirrels are at ease and carefree in the sanctuary back there :) ... and looks like they have it made around you too ❤️