Remembering Glen Campbell


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August 8, 2018, will mark the first Anniversary of Glen Campbell's passing. He remains gently, on our minds.


I have his last studio CD,'Ghost on The Canvas' which was recorded in 2012,its terrific. His voice is strong as ever,he co-wrote a couple of the songs. I highly recommend it. Sue
Allow me to tell a little side story. When I began working in 1970, I met and became friends with Ray. Like all workplaces, he had been given a nickname. Because of his physical resemblance....he was called Glen Campbell. Ray lived a half mile from the shop, and for thirty years walked to work and carried his lunch! Maybe it was five years into his retirement Ray was diagnosed with AD.

I lost touch with, Ray and it was some years later, while looking through an old employee listing, thought to call him. I talked to his Wife Carol and learned that Ray had passed away the previous year. So when I heard that Glen Campbell had Alzheimers, life seemed to come full circle, as I thought of Ray & Carol's struggle.
Glen Campbell's Irish roots: what you need to know
Waylon, late in life on the Opry Homecoming videos, gives a nod to Glen Campbell for his help early in his Nashville career.
From 1973 one of Glen best but forgotten hit with fiddle guitar and bagpipe

Glen Campbell - Bonaparte's Retreat
I used to ski with a club at Mammoth Mountain, The bus left from LA and it was about a 5 hour trip. On the way home Sunday after skiing all wweekend, we were all kind of pooped. The driver had a stereo system and used to play By the Time I get to Phoenix.
To this day, when I hear that song, my eyelids start drooping.