Road trip! Where would you go?

My wife and I were talking about taking a two-week road trip after the pandemic gets under control, so maybe this summer or fall. Now, to figure out where to go. Personally, I'd like to go up the New England coast. My wife wants to go down to New Orleans. That doesn't interest me that much. Another option is to see the Great Lakes... maybe go up into the Canadian wilderness... We've been to the NW several times, but there are still some things we haven't seen, like the giant redwoods. Lake Tahoe might be a good trip.

Where would you go and why?

Don M.

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central Missouri
We have traveled through much of the country over the years. Perhaps the nicest trip we ever took was a nice 2 week drive through Central and Western Canada. There is a "triangle" from Banff, to Kamloops to Edmonton that has some of the most scenic mountain country in N. America....and I grew up in Denver, spending quite a bit of time in the Rockies. If you ever visit that area, be very careful, as there are always Elk, and Mountain Sheep who seem to think the highways were built for them.

There are so many wonderful places to visit, that a person would have to spend half their life traveling, to see them all.


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I don't really like to travel much anymore. But if could go anywhere, it would be back to the place that I grew up, Crescent City, FL and Flagler Beach, FL. I lived in both places from 1962 to 1969. Such a short time now when I think of it. But for a kid, it was the important years. I have a lot of friends there and it would be wonderful to see them and all the places I remember.


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I would want to go back up to Canada. Even though all my travel there was work-oriented (musician, years later engineer), I had a great time with the great people there. Not that I wouldn't love to travel the US some more, but I have done that a lot more than I have done in Canada.

Edit: I didn't mention other parts of the world because those wouldn't be a "road trip" for me.


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I'm not much of a traveler but we did go across the country twice to visit my daughter when she lived in Oregon. It would be nice to see the Redwoods again and maybe get out to walk on more of the side trails. I thought those trees were very humbling and impressive.
For a shorter trip ,I always enjoy going to Vermont. I guess because when I was a kid my parents always vacationed there. Brings back wonderful memories.


There are many small towns and road less traveled places that visiting could help with their economy .....
Some off the beaten path towns were shut even if they had none or almost none cases ........ because a large city in their state had an issue......
hubby loves golf so going to little or unique courses and visiting small towns would be OK with us.


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Central Florida
In 2018, my husband and I took a nearly 3-week-long RV trip with another friend. We traveled from Houston, TX to Yellowstone NP, stopping in Colorado along the way. It was wonderful! We're planning a trip to South Dakota this summer, driving from Florida.
In 2018, my husband and I took a nearly 3-week-long RV trip with another friend. We traveled from Houston, TX to Yellowstone NP, stopping in Colorado along the way. It was wonderful! We're planning a trip to South Dakota this summer, driving from Florida.

The Black Mountain hills of South Dakota is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! It's like driving through a postcard!


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New Jersey
My husband and I used to drive to Baltimore to catch up with his sons and South Carolina to visit my relatives and his. Now that he's gone and I don't drive, road trips are no longer a possibility. My husband drove across country from Jersey to California to help the Sheik, a good friend of his move. I would have loved to been able to ride with him but he had a driving partner who could also help unload the furniture. I kind of wish I could take this Amtrak trip but the rules can be complicated and it would get to be expensive considering hotels and food.


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Go to Europe to see one grandson & his family. He is employed there, loves it, not expected back anything soon. I haven’t seen them since their daughter was 1, she’s 7 now, in a fine “American” school, and my new great grandson turned 3 this summer.
AndFlorida to see my newest great grand daughter but they might come here once the plague is over.
Those would come first.
And for me, I’d like to find a “dark skies” spa type resort in AZ to once again see the Milky Way and the many constellations we can’t see in the city.


Just to the beach. Pismo probably. Or Cambria, Cayucos.
In Pismo, staying at the Sea Venture, they have little hot tubs on the patio...over looking the beach.

Altho, I told my nephew I'd come up to visit him when the weather allows. He's up near Reno, Nv.


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I'd love to go back to Yosemite Park. I'd like to camp out in a sleeping bag under the stars, make campfires, just BE!
I always travel alone so that doesn't bother me. I did that in 88 and a deer kissed me on the nose!
I think that would be so cool!


During the fall of 2010, we decided to see the New England fall leaves. It was a bust! We followed 'Sandy' from NY to Maine. It was flooding everywhere. Real disappointment.

A day trip from N Utah to Jackson Hole/Tetons Wy is more memorable and rivaled anything we could see back east. Driving that route the colors are so vivid, sun shinning I needed my dark glasses to see. As they say, 'Home is best', and no tourist caravans to follow.
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Keep in mind when planning, that a road trip in summer involves highway construction (destruction?) Then there are cities where you don't want to end up on the wrong side of town.

I've seen ads for traveling on a sight seeing railroad line in Canada through the Canadian Rockies. Once you drive to the embarkation point, you relax, observe and eat. That interest me.