Robbery & Chase In South Florida Leaves Suspects, Bystander & Hostage Dead After Shootout.


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A jewelry store robbery and subsequent police chase left the 2 suspects, a bystander and hostage/UPS driver dead. The suspects started shooting in the jewelry store and at police several times during the chase and once stopped before the shootout.
RIP UPS driver/hostage and bystander.

That being said WHAT THE FRACK, 2 not 1 civilian dead by whom it's not clear yet. The police need to be intensely scrutinized here to say the least. And those POS robbers and hostage takers. There is no blaze of glory there, taking hostages is chicken poop and they need to pointed for the puss they are.


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I totally agree with you What. Why was the driver killed as well as an innocent person? Police were shooting from all angles in the film. They knew the driver was in there, but took the shot anyway. Am I missing something here?


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At least 200 rounds fired at the van. Heard a news report saying the UPS driver was exiting the van when he was shot. And firing from all sides is not tactically sound being the police could have hit each other. Don't get me wrong the criminals deserve the blame here but the police are supposed to be the professionals paid to bring and keep calm. They are supposed to be the disciplined ones yet they let that adrenaline get the better of them.

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Criminals are ingenious, and dangerous. It takes a trained, professional police force to combat them But I think the training of our police is totally inadequate. I don't think three weeks of studying traffic law, and 90 days OJT is sufficient. A professional police force is going to take much more "book learnin", and intensive training. That is not going to come without a huge jump in costs to municipalities, and in salaries.

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I got a sense of something is not quite right-if the FBI was involved was this an on-going investigation.
There were too many cops involved. I don't think we have all the facts-you?


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Around here most towns require 1500-2000 hours of actual police training(an academy) aalong with any college classroom work.

The problem I see is that police after these prolonged chases are so full of adrenaline they literally can't control themselves but a lot of that is lack of discipline. The police are supposed to be the trained professionals using skill and technique not emotion and hormones. Perhaps that's a class or chapter that needs to be added to their training-What to do after a prolonged chase and emphasize control and discipline. Someone needs to take charge even if it's a dispatch office because 18 police fired their weapon, can't have 18 people doing what ever they want.

Also with this shootout the police could've very easily shot each other either from behind or beside them or behind the perps.


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As has become the trend In recent years, I believe we are too quick to jump to conclusions and too quick to assume wrongdoing on the part of our police. I’d rather shovel shit than be a police officer being constantly verbally abused by the poor oppressed thugs. Taking their abuse and lack of respect and appreciation day after day makes me wonder why more Michael Browns aren’t shot. Screw political correctness, the tail is starting to wag the dog.
I don't know of any towns, which are qualified to teach police science. A "Chief" and two part timers isn't a school "faculty". Gone are the days when all it took was a few weeks of OJT. And this lack of training become apparent when you have criminals, who feel they can out gun the cops to get their freedom, no matter who is killed.