Seems it only gets worse.


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Ok the pass three days cold then warmer. As in 28° to now 40° after midnight. In my apt. It's 75° I can't sleep. I have to open the window. I am asking myself if I am the only one this is happening to.

Am I going crazy? I do not like leaving the window open at night while I sleep. Yet I have tried shutting off the thermostat on the wall. That refuses to shut off. Two days now and as I reopen the window while it's 40° outside as a breezy cold air flutters in. The baseboard heat is forcing its way up to my arms as I try to reopen the window to this studio.
In summer I usually at the temp of 72° and above, I turn on the air conditioner. To be able to breath.
This is ridiculous to do if heat does not go off. I heard a bunch of lawyers own these kind of buildings, maybe someone is trying to get back at them for all the rules enforced upon the tenants. A thought ...No phone service I emailed the property managers in hope they can fix this as I am so tired from meds, so not to stay up all night again this heat is too much. Not being able to shut down heat has caused it to climb to 78°.
The tenents on top floor states they wear shorts with Windows open all winter!!!?
This is the first time for me in 6 years. I am above open garage. Why I don't like to leave my window open because of the ledge outside my window like a fire escape in New York City. My screen on this window is bent as if someone trying to pull it open from the outside.

Above me is a drug addict. So it worries me to leave my window open. The ledge is wide enough to drop down on from higher floors. I am scaring myself now....hopefully I will wake up tomorrow......goodnite.......


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Sometimes, when needed, I would put a cold pack from the freezer,
with a small towel around it, on my head on the pillow, or in the bed if I am overheating and cannot open the window.

It helps my body temp go down, which is better for sleeping. The flexible soft cold packs from the drug store work well for this.

The other suggestions were good, too. That's a difficult situation.

Aunt Bea

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You should be able to open the window to where it will let in air and then cut a stick to length and put it in the window sash pocket above the window to prevent it from being raised higher.

Another option would be to drill a hole or a series of holes in the side of the window sash pocket and insert a long nail/spike an inch or so to prevent the window from being raised.

Good luck!